Hello, Iā€™m Sasha Snow, Creative Director at Spark Films.

For every project we take on, I bring a strong sense of personal commitment, and the experience, skills and training to make sure you get the best possible outcome, every time.



We draw on a strong background in the field of documentary filmmaking, exploring the boundaries between documentary and fiction.

We bring our experience of using films to create empathy and apply it to commercial communication ā€“ building trust and confidence by connecting people through their shared humanity, to communicate the key messages that define a brand or business.



Our methodology is designed to unlock and define valuable messages.  We put people at ease, and through a process of intuitive questioning and active listening, develop your story from an authentic place.

We use our inquisitiveness to get to the heart of your business, so that your film becomes something genuine and resonant.

 Ask the right question, in the right tone, with trust established, and the answer will reveal itself.


We are not put off by constraints ā€“ whether of time or money. We know that the creative constraints inherent to the short film can be turned into opportunities and ideas that elevate the story, and we draw inspiration from this.

 It is the constraints that make us creative. 



We are a small, versatile company that delivers high quality, with a dedicated service, at an affordable price.

We are defined by the quality of our work, where every film reflects our ability to communicate key messages beautifully, concisely and authentically.

We always exceed our clients expectations.