Our films are driven by authenticity.

If we don't believe it in our hearts, neither will the audience.


We have our own tried and tested method to help us find and film your authentic story, a process informed by over 25 years of filmmaking experience, and an award winning international reputation.

We’re also a small and versatile company, with low over-heads and a level of personal commitment that enables us to deliver affordable, high-quality results.



Here’s how we can help you find your authentic voice . . .






As well as providing filmmaking services that cover the entire production process from concept to delivery, we also offer shooting and editing services to cater for your specific, short-term production needs.

These include corporate events, product launches, demos and production processes, internal and external comms., interviews, testimonials, before and after films and aerial photography.

We offer fixed day rates for single and two person crews, with a comprehensive package of filming equipment included.

 This has the following benefits-

  • predictable, fixed costs for reliable budgeting

  • an all-inclusive package of high-end film equipment, with multiple cameras to cover a wide variety of filming scenarios

  • a dedicated, versatile and friendly Bristol based lighting cameraman and editor, Sasha Snow, with award-winning corporate and broadcast experience.

You can download our rate card, kit package and crew c.v. here (printable version).


Our filmmaking is founded on our award-winning experience, skills & training.


Try our questionnaire to help you find the voice behind your story.