What Makes A Good Story?

Anyone working in the media, or in services in general, will relate to the difficulty of selling something that’s intangible. Selling potatoes is easier than selling emotions. The buyer can feel it before they buy it.

Spark Films recently relocated to Bristol, and sought the help of some Bristol Media colleagues to help solve this problem.

Our stated company mission is to make ‘films to believe in’ to drive customer confidence and sales, essentially by making the brand the hero of an inspiring story. Well, that’s easy to say, but what does ‘a film to believe in’ actually look and sound like?

We teamed up with local sound wizards Ben Mason and Ruth Rainey at We Are Audio, and the super-talented Bristol based composer Jim Cornick, to try to capture what we think makes a good story- something authentic, beautiful and meaningful that connects with our hearts and our brains. 

Here we present 5 heroes, each on a very different mission, in 2 minutes flat.

If you like what you see (and hear), our small team of video and audio experts are ready to help you make a film your clients can believe in too.